The “Global” Company, located in Częstochowa, handles the distribution of:

- powder coating paint and other industrial chemicals
- goods imported from the Far East
- other chemicals and shrinkwrap (SHRINK SLEEVE FILM)

The Company was established in 1997 and, ever since then, has been an important supplier on the Polish market. It employs and cooperates with prominent experts in the area of management, marketing, paint technique and technology, and economy. Our customers include several hundred wholesalers and retail customers from such countries as Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine. Our distinguishing mark is high quality of goods, and fast and professional logistics services and technical support.

Aside from our commercial operations, our company is involved in sponsorship and culture and sport promotion (popular music, cycling and speedway).
Several months ago, Global GPC began to implement a strategy of marketing new, until now unknown brands of powder coating paints and other industrial chemicals.
Since 2009, Global has also been providing comprehensive construction services.
Our offer includes beautiful, modern homes and apartments in row developments, located in interesting spots within the area of Częstochowa. These are primarily shell or turnkey units, distinguished by a superb quality of materials, modern architectural design, and high standard of finishing.
We are confident that, due to a functional room layout in diverse architectural options, the buildings featured in our sales offer will meet even the most demanding expectations of our customers.